Family Portraits // Hendersonville, North Carolina

Cary and I went to North Carolina for Thanksgiving this year for some much needed family time. We finally got to see my mom's beautiful new house that she has been building this past year (more photos of the house to come!). We were surrounded by good food and great friends. Past Thanksgivings in our family were always very small - just our immediate family. But over the years our "chosen family" has grown - now that Cary is a part of my life his family comes up from SC, the family I lived with in college always joins us, and any friends who can't make it home spend the day with us. Thanksgiving is more than just giving thanks for me - it is truly a time to celebrate my chosen family. I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving - now on to Christmas trees and gingerbread houses!!

My dress // Gap

My booties // Target

Cary's outfit // Nordstrom Rack

Cary's boots // L.L. Bean

Dog collars + leashes // Orvis