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I love my apartment. It's small, but cozy, and gets a lot of natural light. I've introduced a lot of green with indoor plants of all sizes, and my decoration style is simple and white (think Scandinavian) with hints of color here and there, lots of wicker baskets and #Ikea furnishings.

If you want to have more green in your life but are concerned about a not-so-green thumb, I'd recommend a few low-maintenance plants to try. Above is a jade plant, super sturdy. I've forgotten to water it for weeks at a time and it still hangs around. They like being near windows, but it's ok if they don't get a full blast of sun all day.

Another worth trying is a snake plant (not pictured). I keep it out of direct sunlight in my living room where there is a good amount of natural light. I water it every week or so (more often in the summer). They are also really beautiful! More information about these guys is here.

The plant in the first photo is a Dracaena, it's a tropical tree that is also very hardy (more information here). I like that they can be pretty big, so they look rather impressive! I've propped mine up so that it peers over my bed and has access to the windows.

Two plants scattered around my apartment are pothos and spider plants (photos below). Pothos are vines with heart-shaped leaves, and spider plants have long leaves that shoot out from the center. Each can come in a variety of colors and sizes. These are super easy to propagate - I started out with one or two of each and now have about 10! More information about pothos and spider plants.

Above is a lovely calendar that sits on my entryway table. It's the Wood Calendar by Artifact Uprising, I highly recommend their services for prints, photo books, calendars, etc. Their products are gorgeous and bring a lot of beauty into my apartment!

Pothos pictured above on my color-coded bookshelf.

I love decorating with books - I like to keep our cookbooks on display on the kitchen cart for readily accessible inspiration.

This is the best part about my apartment - May, the sweetest pup. I adopted her from the Wake County Animal Shelter in 2013 - best decision of my life! (Major props to the Wake County shelter, by the way. It was a great experience - the kennels were all very clean, animals were well fed and attended to, and all staff were extremely friendly, helpful, and appreciative).

This little guy was my grandfather's - I think he got it in Morocco during WWII. I love surrounding myself with little bits of family memories.

I will say that keeping clutter to a minimum is a major objective of mine - I only have a handful of trinkets that I keep around. The key is to display these as special items. Having 10 figurines on a shelf, to me, is clutter. Having one on a shelf that fits in with your interior theme can be beautiful.

I love decorating with maps! These are from my trip to Alaska (see the last blog post), from a little used book shop in Juneau. Such a nice memory to put on display.

I have to feature my amazing Ikea lamps!

My boyfriend and I are long distance right now, so I like to keep some of his things on display to remind myself that it is temporary, and that he is always with me. Here are our beach hats hanging on my closet door

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