Portland // Eugene

The second part of our West Coast adventure this year was no less exciting than the first part (see our photos from Vancouver). Portland provided us with countless tasty treats, including pastries from Ken's Artisan Bakery (home to Cary's favorite bread book, Flour Water Salt Yeast), Egyptian coffee from Tōv (I HIGHLY recommend the "Mint Thing"!), delectable Italian from Ava Gene's, tapas from Toro Bravo, "dirty" fries from Lardo, and, of course, ice cream from Salt & Straw. I took advantage of the excellent thrift stores and found some treasures at Buffalo Exchange, and we felt super touristy walking up to Multnomah Falls (gorgeous no matter how popular it is). Eugene was no less magical, especially due to a hike along the Eula Ridge trail. Hiking in the Pacific Northwest truly makes you feel like you're in a fairytale! Everything is covered in vivid moss, ferns line every path, and the giant evergreens brush the sky with their perfect needles. We enjoyed cocktails and tastings at Heritage Distilling Co., fresh brews from Coldfire along with Hay Baby burgers, the most colorful pizza from Pizza Research Institute, and wine tasting at Sarver. We were lucky to have mostly sunny days and enjoyed every moment. Can't wait to go back!