After our week in Crete, we flew to Sicily for another beautiful week in the Mediterranean. We loved getting to see another beautiful, culturally rich island in our favorite region in the world. There were a few things that met our expectations in Sicily - amazing food, wine, architecture, culture, gelato. However there were a few interesting and pleasant surprises as well. There were some pretty clear differences in both landscape and architecture as you move across the island. For example: Palermo is more of an Arabic style city, while Catania has more of a Baroque style. There are very dry areas as well as areas that are more lush and green. As with Crete, many of the more tourist-friendly areas were very touristy, at times to the point of not feeling authentic. However, overall we really enjoyed Sicily and wish we had more time to explore! Below I've included some photos of the places we went as well as a little information about each experience. 

First, some general recommendations:

  • While there are some very pretty beaches, I would say the best part about Sicily was the food, wine, and architecture. If you're more interested in lots of gorgeous beaches I might lean towards Crete or Menorca.

  • We stayed in Catania most of the time and took day trips around the East side of the island. I'm really glad we did this - it gave us a chance to get to know one (large) city while also seeing more of the island.

  • Like many places in this region, it seems, driving is very scary. However renting a car really is necessary if you want to be able to do a lot around the island. Many of the local roads were 1.5 lanes, windy, and people drove really fast. We actually got hit twice - nothing serious, thank goodness! My only advice is to be super careful!

  • Even though everything was in Italian, it was easy to get around, and most everyone knows at least a little English (especially in the more tourist-friendly areas).

  • Food we really enjoyed: Pastries (cannoli, arancini, and anything else you can get your hands on), pizza, wine, olives, cheese, gelato, anything lemon, pistachio, or hazelnut flavored. They are known for their lemons and pistachios!