Jalisco, Mexico

Traveling to Mexico in February is a fantastic idea. What a luxurious getaway from the cold, dark winters in the Northeast. We traveled to Puerto Vallarta for the wedding of some good friends (see some photos from the wedding here) but were able to do a little exploring while we were there. We wandered around the colorful streets of downtown, ate delicious sopes, quesadillas, tostadas, and local pastries, and found some incredible music to salsa dance to. We went on a guided excursion to Las Marietas Islands, where we saw numerous breaching whales, blue and yellow-footed boobies, tropical fish, and gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains against the Pacific ocean. I highly recommend Mexico if you're looking for a warm, colorful getaway!

ps - the whale photos are a bit farther down on this page, you definitely want to see those!